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Memorial tribute to Alexis Rivera

Alexis Rivera, a proud queer transgender woman, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Alexis was involved in the Transgender community for the past 15 years, beginning her activism as a teenager doing street outreach to LGBT youth in Hollywood. She eventually became a case manager and later the first program director for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s iconic Tranny Rockstar program, helping provide vital support services to hundreds of transgender youth in Los Angeles. She participated as a Commissioner for the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV/AIDS; was on the founding board of the Female-to-Male Alliance of Los Angeles; and, for six years chaired the Transgender Service Provider Network. Alexis was a founding member of the League of Trans Unified Sisters (LOTUS), a sisterhood for transgender women. Alexis later rose to even greater prominence on a statewide level as Policy Advocate for the Transgender Law Center, playing an instrumental role in advocating for statewide legislative change and training hundreds of transgender community members to speak to elected officials. During this time, Alexis was also a leader of the Transgender Law Center’s Health Care Access Project and helped secure affordable transgender healthcare services in several counties across the state of California.For the many life-changing contributions Alexis made over her lifetime, she received several awards including: the Trans-Unity Trailblazer Award; the Latino Caucus on HIV Prevention Leadership Award; the Trans-Unity Spirit Award; and she was named the first winner of the QUEST Advocacy Pagaent for transgender woman in 2002. Alexis described her many years of ongoing activism as a labor of love.

More, with memorial details, on Learning Trans.

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